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Motion Control Systems, Integration and Fabrication
From the smallest miniature, to the largest full scale object. Custom, "off the shelf", or hybrid motion control designs to suit your application. Sync motion with camera, video, audio, and/or other moving objects. Compliant, and force reflecting systems also available.

Safety is designed into each system. Fail Safes on all key components in case of power loss, or other emergency. Custom designed embedded processors redundantly check sensors and status of the entire system, including the processor itself!  This design concept keeps everything "up and running", by significantly reducing operator error, and system malfunction due to environmental anomalies. On large or heavy objects, it's a must!

Electronic and Mechanical Props and gags
Interactive (
SMART PROPS) props and set pieces, lighting controllers, configurable clock displays, motion and proximity sensors, pyrotechnic devices, and anything else you can imagine!

Electronic & Mechanical CAD/CAM Design & Fabrication
Using state of the art designing software for small props to complex controls. Circuit board manufacturing for single layer or large scale multi-layer circuits.
Motion Control Mechanics, props and sets, CNC/DXF files generated for manufacturing, multiple parts/props, or plotted mechanical drawings


48 Channel Motion Control System
Texas Micro industrial computer, Texas Micro 14" SVGA video monitor, sliding drawer keyboard, mouse and pad tray, Joystick/Jogbox controls, RTMC48 Motion Control card and software, from
Kuper Controls.  Packaged in a rack mount road case using heavy duty drawer slides.

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