Batman and Robin


SPFX Coordinator, Matt Sweeney , Matt Sweeney SPFX Inc.

Fabrication Foreman, Jay Hirsch, JAY VAL Enterprises

Motion Control Foreman, Doug Calli, CALLICO

Lead Electronics Technician, Don Krause

Electro Mechanical Computer Interface Design, Leif Larsson

Hydraulics Foreman, Mark Yuricich

Lead Hydraulics Technician, Joe Judd

And the many, highly skilled I.A.T.S.E. Local #44 Effects Technicians
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Mr. Freezes' Big Gun.
Fabricated on site at the Spruce Goose Dome, in Long Beach, CAThe Telescope.
Telescope specs:
Height 45', weight 95Klb (total), barrel 8' diameter 65' long (fully extended with diamond tray down), turntable 15 tons, 35' diameter, vertical arms 16Klb. ea.
5 axis motion control. 1)turntable-10 turns, 2)vertical arms, 3)barrel tilt, 4)barrel extend/retract, 5)diamond tray raise/lower.
Powered by two aircraft style, mobile hydraulic units "mules", from
American Labs Inc , stationed outside the dome, providing 240gpm at 2,500psi.

Micheal Centonze, tweaking the TelescopeElectronics Technician, Micheal Centonze, tweaking the telescope controls. Access to the telescopes electronics and hydraulics are through floor panels, at the foot of the telescope, and through a pit underneath the rotating platform.

Doug Calli and Stan Holmes, with the Telescope ControlsL to R, Doug Calli and Stan Holmes.  The "hot-swap" telescope controls were multiplexed to 3 locations within the set, allowing operators to manipulate the telescope from any location.  Status conditions, i.e. rotation count, axis limits, emergency stop, hydraulic pump controls and others, were displayed on each controller. Microprocessor circuit boards, designed by Doug Calli for the show, provided these necessary functions.

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