Die Hard 3


SPFX Coordinator, Phil Cory , Phil Cory Special Effects Inc.

Fabrication Foreman, Richard Cory

Motion Control/Electronics Foreman, Doug Calli, CALLICO

Lead Electronics Technician, Terry Chapman

The Leaping Train
The Die Hard Train.  Built on site in S. Carolina, the train travels down a 1/2 mile track, that was laid to run through the middle of the 10,000 sq. ft. General Dynamics building, and out the other end. Inside the building a full scale replica of the New York subway station was built. The train leaps up onto the passenger platform as a result of an explosion.  All this is controlled by the motion control computer.
The motion control and gagged Die Hard Subway Cars
The car covered with the blue tarp, is the motion controlled "gagged" car, the other car has the motion control operators, Doug Calli and Terry Chapman. We know where to be!

Inside the Gagged Subway CarThe inside of the "gagged" subway car.  Close to us is the pivot point. The 10" x 8' shaft was made of high tensile strength steel, to withstand the more than 1 million foot pounds of torque expected.  Hydraulic actuators were energized from charged accumulators, the only way we could get the 270gpm we needed, and stay mobile.

Inside the Motion Control Subway CarInside the motion control subway car. On the left is the MC system, using Kuper Controls RTMC48 card. The MC system monitored train velocity, position and safety limits, while running 2 hydraulic axes, one pneumatic axis and setting off the sequential pyrotechnics rigged by the special effects crew. On the right are the joystick controls, used to teach  the system it's initial move.  Terry Chapman worked the controls during the shot, while the MC system monitored the entire event.  This gave us maximum safety and certainty, considering the proximity of the stunt personnel during the action.

Bridge Launching TankThe Deployed Bridge

On the left, the deployed bridge in Wall Street New York.  Doug (below, center), controlling the bridge deployment, Richard Cory (lower left), driving the tank.  The tank was completely rebuilt and outfitted with new hydraulics to drive the tank and deploy the bridge.  The bridge was operated via joy stick.Doug, in the bridge launching tank

Mobile 3 axis gimbaled Cars

Richard Cory and Doug Calli, with the Car Gimbal Mobile gimbal designed and built by Richard Cory (left). Electronic Hydraulic controls designed and built by Doug Calli (right).

A Taxi and Mercedes were set up to use this gimbal.  The gimbal was pulled with a camera car.Mercedes body on the Car GimbalTaxi body on the Car Gimbal

Rear drive Car

Bill Shirmer in his Rear Drive CarPictured L to R, (a couple of the masters of Special Effects) Phil Cory, Paul Stewart, Billy Lee and Bill Shirmer. Bill Shirmer designed this rear drive car, using Taxi, Police and Mercedes bodies as needed.  The rear drive car was used extensively in the chase through Manhattan.

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