Boss Films


Boss Films Corp., Richard Edlund proprietor

Just a few pictures, of the ol' homestead

Boss Films crew, Richard Edlund foreground

Boss Films, circa 1989
Richard Edlund foreground, and the rest of us!
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Motion Controlled dollyMotion Controlled Fisher camera dolly, created at Boss Films.  Motion Control Electronics Design team, L to R Doug Calli, Jeff Platt, John Congote, Richard Edlund (the boss) and Steve Kosakura .
Mechanical Design team (not pictured, but every bit as important), chief mechanical engineer Mark West, Andre Bustanobe, and machinist Ken Dudderer (he will be sorely missed).

Steve Kosakura and Doug Calli Filming Alien3 puppet compositesSteve Kosakura lining up the shot, Doug Calli operating the Motion Control computer.  Steve ran the MC system in England, using it as a recording device, saving each move of the dolly grip and camera man to disk. Later on playback, puppeteers matched their moves with the MC system, using video compositing (below) to assist them.

Doug with video composite systemDoug Calli, operating the video compositing system created for the film, Alien 3. The VC system grabbed fields of video from the on set MC camera, saving them to laser disk, then playing back a composite, with the background plates shot in England.

Batman Returns, Gotham CityBatman Returns (#2), filming Gotham City models. Video compositing having been proven on Alien3, was used extensively on Batman Returns. Does the shot look a little contrived?  It should, we're all crammed together for a Boss Films publicity photo.  If anyone spots themselves, let me know. I'm in the bottom right corner, doing something technical with the video monitor. And how about our D.P., Gary Waller (top center of frame), what's he doing? There's no camera! "Hey, it's fantasy".
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