Drop Zone


SPFX Coordinator, Chuck Gaspar, Chuck Gaspar Special Effects

Flying Rig Designer, Bobby "Jay" Johnston

Motion Control/Electronics Foreman, Doug Calli,  CALLICO

Lead Electronics Technician Terry Chapman

Flying Rig Fabrication, Phil Cory, John R. Peyser, Jay Hirsch,  JayVal Ent., Phil Notaro, Thunderstone Inc., Richard Cory and Elmer Huey

10 axis, 3 person motion controlled flying to simulate "free fall". Two flying rigs were suspended from a hanging dance floor covered with Lexan. One rig stood on the stage floor. Each flying rig used air bearings to glide smoothly, while the 3 axis hydraulic end manipulators were controlled by the motion control computer. Below L to R, test pilots, actress, Kristin Peterson, and stuntman, Christopher Tuck, go for a flight.Terry Chapman strapping in a Stuntman
Stunt Flyers test flight

Lead Electronics Technician, Terry Chapman (on the right), strapping in stuntman Christopher Tuck

Floor and Ceiling Flying units2 flying rigs against a green screen.  The floor unit could also telescope up/down.  The floor unit was designed by Phil Cory, and built by Richard Cory.  Body casts were made for each actor, to provide a comfortable and secure harness.

Doug, at the controlsHere's Doug at the controls.  I'm using a laptop computer and Kuper Controls 48 channel motion control board. In this case we're driving 10 hydraulic axes, synched with camera and video playback, allowing background plates to be composited with the actors movements.    All of the initial input is threw joysticks, giving a realistic feel and quick method of learning or editing.

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